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Cameron prioritises national security and social justice

It is easy to be disenchanted by politics and cynical about politicians – especially if you’re persuaded they’re all disingenuous liars whose objective is shadowy manipulation and the pursuit of personal power. Some are undoubtedly ambitious and intoxicated by their own infallible sense of self-righteousness. But others are thoughtful, compassionate and sincere. One or two may be loonies, but more than a few claim Jesus as their personal political inspiration: “Praise God from whom all blessings flow..”

Whether you attribute reason, compassion or justice to any individual politician or political party is largely influenced if not wholly determined by the prism of your political allegiance. A Socialist in Gerrards Cross is a freak; a Conservative in Bootle is evil; a LibDem just about anywhere is an aberration. So, when David Cameron stands up and delivers a speech on “Freedom. Justice. Standing up for what is right”, it is worth remembering that freedom, justice and rightness are many-sided and may be variously apprehended and endlessly waffled on about. But just because your notion of justice isn’t David Cameron’s doesn’t make him Hitler. And just because you assert vehemently that his notion of “what is right” is, in fact, profoundly wrong, doesn’t make him a serpent from hell.

There was a lot of “look at me” in the Prime Minister’s conference speech, but he is our leader and must be seen to lead. Passivity isn’t an option when weakness is fatal. Cameron is a skilled orator, and this speech was easily one of his best: it leaves an impression of conviction and determination, even if you don’t believe in the ethic of his appeal or the morality of his government. You may loathe his politics and yearn for his removal, but, hey, the thing is, the Bible tells us that he was appointed by God (Rom 13:1) and Christians are exhorted to pray for him (1Tim 2:1-4).

Two sections stood out. This on the threat to our national security:

The threat is Islamist extremist terrorism – and it has found a new, hellish crucible – with ISIL, in Iraq and Syria. These people are evil, pure and simple. They kill children; rape women; threaten non-believers with genocide; behead journalists and aid workers. Some people seem to think we can opt out of this. We can’t.. Because let’s be clear: There is no “walk on by” option. Unless we deal with ISIL, they will deal with us, bringing terror and murder to our streets. As always with this Party, we will do whatever it takes to keep our country safe. And to those who have had all the advantages of being brought up in Britain, but who want to go and fight for ISIL – let me say this. If you try to travel to Syria or Iraq, we will use everything at our disposal to stop you: Taking away your passport; prosecuting, convicting, imprisoning you… and if you’re there already – even preventing you from coming back. You have declared your allegiance. You are an enemy of the UK – and you should expect to be treated as such.

And this on social justice in the tax system:

I can tell you now that a future Conservative Government will raise the tax-free personal allowance from £10,500 to £12,500. That will take 1 million more of the lowest paid workers out of income tax – and will give a tax cut to 30 million more. So with us, if you work 30 hours a week on minimum wage, you will pay no income tax at all. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Lower taxes for our hardworking people… that’s what I call a Britain that everyone is proud to call home.

But we will do something else. The 40p tax rate was only supposed to be paid by the most well-off people in our country… but in the past couple of decades, far too many have been dragged into it: teachers, police officers. So let me tell you this today. I want to take action that’s long overdue, and bring back some fairness to tax. With a Conservative government, we will raise the threshold at which people pay the 40p rate. It’s currently £41,900… In the next Parliament we will raise it to £50,000.

So here’s our commitment to the British people: No income tax if you are on Minimum Wage. A 12 and a half thousand pound tax-free personal allowance for millions of hardworking people. And you only pay 40p tax when you earn £50,000.

By rejecting those who reject us, Cameron distinguishes between the domain of terror and the domain of security. If you opt for the former, you forfeit your right to British citizenship. This ought to be extended to all who refuse to integrate to the extent of fomenting hatred and decrying the foundations of the liberal state. There can be no place in fraternal community for those who revile our liberties and repudiate democracy. Their agitation impacts upon public life and society’s most vulnerable minds. We harbour them at our peril.

When it comes to money, the ubiquitous Conservative caricature is that of privilege, toffee-nosed elitism, looking after the rich and despising the poor. Solidarity with the oppressed and liberating the impoverished from the burdens of taxation are seen as a socialist priorities and pursuits, intrinsic to the social gospel of ministering to the neighbour in need. But alleviating the plight of the poor is a fundamentally conservative pursuit, too. It is simply that the conservative believes that the more just and effective solution is to trust the lowest-paid workers to keep more of what they earn and be individually responsible for its stewardship, rather than taxing them and redistributing their money to achieve a higher dignity. The freedom of the individual is not synonymous with unbridled individualism: incentives matter, and our behaviour and motivation correlate closely with reward and possession.

You may balk at assertions of Tory benevolence and mutual interdependence. You may refute the belief that societal well-being and cultural flourishing may arise from self-defensive Conservative politicians and the self-protectionist institutions they seek to uphold. But economic morality and political integrity are not the preserve of any single perception of the common good or myopic application of theology. David Cameron is concerned with the well-being of each of us and the cohesion of the nation. You can believe and follow or repudiate and loathe. You can give him latitude in his moral limitations or harp on about his shortcomings. You can credit his virtues or despise his faux-sincerity. But through whichever political prism you choose to perceive and observe, you are exhorted first of all to pray for him. That is a basic act of Christian dignity.

  • Uncle Brian

    Did Cameron really manage to slip in a paragraph or two about the Islamic State without succumbing to his habitual temptation to say they’re “not true Muslims”? If he managed that stupendous feat, even if he only achieved it by the sly trick of getting Theresa May to do his dirty work for him, then more power to his elbow and may he still be PM this time next year.

  • JayBee

    “Rejecting those who reject us” should not be confined to Islamic State fighters, their recruiters and sympathisers. What about the huge number of Muslim immigrants who show no inclination to integrate at all and display their gratitude by turning parts of our country into microcosms of the backward hellholes from which they came. Aren’t they also rejecting us?

    The PM and most of our politicians are failed multiculturalists, mired in a mess of their own making and lacking a clear alternative vision. We need a patriotic PM with attitude. Someone who will insist that the immigrants adapt. Someone like this Australian PM who said:

    This is Our Country, Our Land, and Our Lifestyle, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘The Right To Leave”. If you aren’t happy here then Leave. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country You accepted.’

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Pray for him? Certainly. I would prefer to see his repentance rather than his removal. I would like to hear him admit that SSM, and the way he bulldozed it through Parliament, was morally wrong. I would like him to denounce the rise of intolerant and aggressive secularism which has left many Christians (whom he never mentions) without freedom of conscience. I would like to hear him admit some shame over the reform of abortion laws. I would like him to repent over his complete lack of courage in dealing with rampant immigration and the subsequent ghettoisation of our nation.

    Sadly, we hear none of this. No mention of his so-called Christian faith either. The “social justice” stuff is of course standard electioneering that is done by any party at this stage before an election.

    I do not loathe the man, I just pray for the scales to fall off his eyes so we can perhaps salvage something of our nation before it is too late.

  • len

    Pray for Cameron? ..Certainly I will also pray for us that he will not do any further damage to Christians trying to survive in a hostile environment .I also pray that Cameron will have a heart for those Christians suffering persecution worldwide.

  • IanCad

    I’m sure that most of us, who are of that particular persuasion, pray for him, and all our leaders on a daily basis.
    God though, works in mysterious ways. In His own time as well.
    The PM is probably like most of us – a bit lazy, has learned to let sleeping dogs lie, and knows that if problems are allowed to slumber they will most likely disappear.
    Thus his seeming inaction.
    But now, in true British character, he has left things until almost too late. And, it is in this condition that we do best
    .A good speech; maybe you’re right YG, not such a bad speaker after all.
    Now, if he can get away from this referendum nonsense and replace May with Davis I may be tempted to knock on some doors come the election.

    • dannybhoy

      Ian it’s right to pray for our leaders, but in a democracy such as ours we also have an obligation to exercise our right to express our disapproval or concern or to seek change.
      David Cameron has made some bad and arrogant decisions, and often in the name of the British people without ever having consulting them.

  • The Inspector General

    Rather hoping he might have had time to mention London,
    7th July 2005. You see, you don’t need the likes of IS around to
    experience Islamic terror. According to the Mohameds that perpetrated that
    outrage, the very same conditions exist now as then that brought on the attacks
    in as much as lifting just a finger to stop Islamic evil far away will result in
    devastation on your own doorstep. Somewhat sobering thought that.

    Of course, 7/7 was not meant to be a one off. That are plenty
    of British citizens with ugly straggly beards in prison, here in the UK, that
    will tell you that. That our country has so far remained relatively spared is
    down to the skill and professionalism of our security services. Probably the
    finest in the world. The Inspector credits this gracious state of affairs down
    to said services resisting the PC requirement to cram as many muslims into the
    undercover disciplines as is possible, so we can grin to the world and tell them
    how blasted equal we all are these days. Even if the cost is said blighters
    tipping off their own, as happens in the corrupt lands dominated by the
    prophet’s people, which enabled Osama bin whatever to live for years within a
    short distance from a Pakistani police station, of all things…


    • dannybhoy

      I think some devout Muslims regard our moderate Muslims as backsliders…?

      • The Inspector General

        Oh yes, Imam’s for example…

    • Politically__Incorrect

      I have it on good authority that on the day the London bombings took place, the large Muslim community working at our postal sorting office in Cardiff were cheering rapturously. Glad to see that our peaceful Muslim neighbours were appalled at the massacre of so many innocents (including several Muslims). But of course, I’m forgetting how they revel in death, even of their own.
      Yes, we are relying very much on the security services for our lives. If ISIL is obliterated in Iraq, one can imagine the backlash from the religion of peace in this country

      • The Inspector General

        They are going to hit back alright, whether IS is obliterated or not. They were going to hit us sooner or later, so why not now…

  • Old Blowers

    Your Grace

    Old Ernsty does enjoy your protestations come Conference (silly) season when you slip your Uber Tory mitre on and state that Cameron ain’t really the heir to Blair and claim we must pray for this shower that infest parliament…Hope we shan’t be asked to pray for the Man of Perdition when he strides the world stage causing havoc?.

    When the conservative conference can state they have more in common with Lib Dumbs and it’s aims than UKIP,well, you then know that a paradigm shift has taken place at the core of the Westminster ‘elite’ that any thatcherite finds hard to stomach.

    We have Ms May quoting from the Koran that Allah requires Muslims to be peaceful yet says nothing about the many passages that state otherwise and which are enthralling the ‘highly educated’ British born wannabe jihadi amongst Muslims to follow the TRUE Allah and his ramblings to Mohammed.

    Trying to keep the peace is one thing but knowingly misrepresenting a case to achieve this against the common sense of the populous, who know otherwise, is crass stupidity that ignores the source of our problems…The Koran!!!

    “It is easy to be disenchanted by politics and cynical about politicians – especially if you’re persuaded they’re all disingenuous liars whose objective is shadowy manipulation and the pursuit of personal power.”

    You got me in one in your above comment and they (our out of touch MP’s) never fail to prove my point Ad nauseam!!!

    E S Blofeld

    • Shadrach Fire

      Good as ever. Are you keeping well?

      • Old Blowers

        Plodding onwards. *Chuckles*

  • Rasher Bacon

    Well done Mr Cameron. You’ve managed to make the Archbeako gush with praise.

    Better Late Than Never. Staving Off The Peasants’ Revolt. Bravo. And other slogans.

    It’s hardly the stuff of the siege of Vienna

  • Shadrach Fire

    Dear Old Blowers,
    I really like your views on things. How right you always are. I agree that our dear ++Cranmer goes wobbly at the knees when he is in the prescience of a top tory. Take this phrase; You may loathe his politics and yearn for his removal, but, hey, the thing is, the Bible tells us that he was appointed by God (Rom 13:1) and Christians are exhorted to pray for him (1Tim 2:1-4)
    Yes we must pray for our leaders but it does not tell us what to pray. Cameron may have been allowed by God (appointed) but not for good but to show us how far we have failed God in our duty to serve him. My prayer is that he and all his cronies go for good.

    • Old Blowers

      INDEED Shadrach Fire.

      I always and will always forgive His Nibs for his moments of madness that seem to overcome the old boy come conference silly season.
      I have never been a tribalite and never will be, as we best point out discrepancies with honesty rather than papering over the cracks for the sake of the media, who don’t give a damn about anything other than what sells their rags. Conference has become the parties talking and praising themselves and pretending they are listening to our concerns…They always make promise they could have achieved at the start of their term in office yet unashamedly say they will do it now if we will only give them a new 5 year term. They really must think we are dumb?!

      Old Ernst is an unashamed thatcherite and finds it hard to equate these current liberals masquerading as thatcherites within the conservative ranks as bona fide conservatives. Cameron is simply CCHQs’ own type of Blair…complete insincerity cloaked in empty soundbites supposedly to fool us old un’s.
      Chancers the lot of them and not worth the blue vote from us unless they change..

      Hope you are keeping well. Having a day off work so I can catch up with Mrs B buying stuff off ebay and messing up me weekends for me. *Giggles*

      Ol’ Blowers

      • James60498 .

        Of course he is (Cameron a Blair in blue).

        The BBC put him up as the great orator at the time of his election as leader. They recognised one of their own. The party membership elected him because he was Blair. They were tired of fighting Blair and losing and wanted one of their own. There was very little debate over policy certainly when the Conservative Group in my council were discussing their preference for leadership.

  • Shadrach Fire

    How about the latest in discrimination law. MP’s are to have their identity protected whilst their expenses frauds are investigated so that their good reputation is not affected.
    How does that equate with all other suspects in law who’s identity is freely available.
    This most particularly applies in rape and other sex crimes. The victims identity remains totally protected (as it should).

  • “if you’re persuaded they’re all disingenuous liars”
    I don’t think many are deliberate liars, my reaction is that most are so far out of touch with reality that they simply don’t know what’s going on.
    When did Cameron last go out into the real world? Just walked around some of our suburbs without an entourage of aides and photographers. Or even walked round some of our city centres? I don’t think that they lie, they just demonstrate their total ignorance of what is happening outside their own tight circle.
    Miliband talks about meeting ordinary people and speaking to them, presumably around Hampstead Heath. Why not try, say, Southall or Tower Hamlets instead?

    • Politically__Incorrect

      Fair point, though I wouldn’t call the inhabitants of Tower Hamlets “ordinary”, as the recent zimbabwe-style election fiasco demonstrated.

      • It would probably have been racist if I’d suggested he spoke to some of the older inhabitants who had been born there and lived there all their life. Maybe then he’d understand why they won’t be voting for him.

  • SidneyDeane

    Great speech by Cameron, who deserves re-election.

    • IanCad

      Well, Sidney, I wouldn’t go so far as to say he“Deserves” it; in fact, quite the opposite, but as Albert said a few threads back – it’s too late to change.
      Maybe he’s correct.

    • CliveM


      Sometimes it’s hard to be sure on this site, but was that an honest statement?

      • SidneyDeane


  • Busy Mum

    Yes, we must pray for our leaders…. that we may live in all godliness and honesty. But if living in godliness and honesty means facing fines, loss of employment and imprisonment for telling the truth, we must pray for him to be restrained. Will he treat us as enemies to the UK too, if we declare our allegiance to God rather than to him?

    And he hasn’t said what is happening to the taxpayers in between the minimum wage and the higher rate – does anybody know? If NHS spending is to be ringfenced, the money needs to come from somewhere – and anyway, it’s all relative – our 1630’s forebears might be astonished to find us ‘celebrating’ fewer people paying 40p in the £ – they may wonder why anybody at all agrees to pay that much without starting a civil war…..

  • B flat

    I thought we were supposed to pray for the Queen as a duty. Those others in authority hold office by appointment in her name, and we pray for them in charity. Mrs Thatcher, failed to distinguish Conservatism from egocentrism, when she spoke at her first Conference as PM of “my Government”. Although she was a Great Woman, she was a chemist, not a historian, and it was a very revealing solecism.
    But why does His Grace in his conservatism both distort St Paul in his exegesis and subvert what remains of our Constitution so badly mauled by 21st century politicians and judges? I am disappointed in his lack of insight and objectivity, when his Party sympathy is engaged for those who mendaciously call themselves Conservative.

    Cameron holds power by election from below. How far below? He has done a great deal of harm to this country, and being insulated, for now, from the consequences of that harm, is too proud to listen to wiser counsels and too dim to understand it. I am much more in sympathy with Old Blowers and Politically_Incorrect on this matter.

  • marprelate05

    Just before the last election, Cameron was asked on Sky TV whether he was proposing to bring in same-sex marriage. “We have no plans to do that,” He replied.
    The man is a liar and the Conservative Party is never again getting my vote whilst he is its leader, or while my MP (that pathetic half-wit Hugo Swire) is still about.
    My vote will go either to UKIP or to “None of the Above” and if that lets in Milliband then so be it. No doubt we deserve him.

    • He probably told the truth, and he hadn’t got any plans. I don’t think he has plans about anything other than keeping Cameron in office. Try to find about his plans for negotiation with the EU, or his plans to deal with ISIS. He only acts when he’s forced into it, in the case of “gay marriage” one suspects by Samantha.

      • James60498 .

        Yes. On the subject of Samantha, I wonder why he felt it necessary to apologise to her for leaving their daughter in the pub.
        If I had left one of my boys in the pub, I would be apologising to them and punishing myself. (Actually I don’t think they would mind now). I would not feel that my crime was against my wife.

        But then he also said that the NHS staff loved his children as much as he does. Well, I too have had to spend far too much time in NHS Hospitals with my children, and I am yet to come across any of these people. Some of them do seem to care, and work very hard, some don’t. But I really don’t think any of them would claim that they they loved anyone else’s children that much!

        And yet people sit there and applaud this rubbish.

        • Very true. But doesn’t Samantha wear the trousers? It seemed more important that he returned to her in Cornwall after a COBRA meeting than staying at the helm.

  • Rasher Bacon

    Securing a better future? I’d love to see better future secured for David Cameron – he who expressed admiration for Jesus Christ.

    That’s the Jesus Christ who said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the father except by me”.

    “And be not afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; but fear rather him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

    “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul?”

    From that time began Jesus to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens has drawn nigh.”

    There are higher priorities than re-election or more money for me – souls.

  • len

    ‘Cameron prioritises national security and social justice’

    Talk about’ shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted’ !

    We have open borders anyone can amble in, terrorists, murderers,Jihadists , pedophiles and we are not allowed to stop them , and once in we cannot get rid of them.
    Its beyond ridiculous!.