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Nigel Farage - flag2

Has Ukip sold its soul for €2million?

  There is apparently a battle currently being waged for the soul of the Conservative Party, at least according to the Jerusalem Post: "..the natural home of British Jews, still quietly but firmly Zionist, and with an emphasis on family,…
Spotters Guide2

Targeted Aid for Oppressed Christians

There's a neat new book out co-authored by Brian Binley MP, Dr Lee Rotherham and Lord Tebbit entitled A Spotter's Guide to Sound Government Policies - "a platform for the…
WorldWar III

We are about to enter World War III

Last week Pope Francis took stock of all the regional conflicts, bloodshed, struggles and strife, and joined the dots. "We are now in World War III,” he told journalists on…
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Salvation of the Union

Land of Hope and Glory! Rule Britannia! God Save the Queen! Scotland has spoken, and, despite the tawdry interventions of certain glitzy Scots living comfortably in the Home Counties, Manhattan…
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God who made thee mighty?

Doe wee not remember, that this Kingdome [England] was divided into seven little Kingdomes, besides Wales? And is it not now the stronger by their Union? And hath not the…