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red wednesday religious persecution

Religious persecution: Houses of Parliament to be floodlit red on 22nd November

22nd November is Red Wednesday. The Palace of Westminster will be bathed in red, along with Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Lambeth Palace, and many churches and cathedrals across the United Kingdom. Last year synagogues and mosques also joined in, for…
goodbye old man

Remembrance Sunday: ‘Goodbye, Old Man’

'Goodbye, Old Man', watercolour, by Fortunino Matania (1881-1963), depicts a British soldier saying farewell to his dying horse. It was commissioned in 1916 by the Blue Cross animal welfare charity,…
reformation 500

Reformation 500: we are all Protestants now

‘Reformation’ is an awkward word; so, of course, is ‘Protestant’. Both terms convey a sense of theological unity or ecclesial uniformity wrapped in a righteous evangelical zeal, when, in fact,…